• Race day hero’s ❤️
  • What a team 💪🏻💪🏻❤️

Please continue to share the post as this realy helps and the more people we can reach the more we can raise for this little girl you have all been awesome 😊

As per our last update ZEUS races was approched to see if we could put on one last race this year to put on a FREE obstacle event to help Olivia a sick little girl in need of funding for her treatment so here we go😊

Our landlord at Ashby moto park has Kindley given us the land for free which will enable us to put on a FREE obstacle course run to raise the funds needed for olivias familey & treatment.

*The event will take place on 2nd December, Ashby, le65 1sd at 1030am and we welcome a theme of Christmas with people dressing as Santa's/ elves and anything else Christmas related, ANYBODY CAN JOIN IN kids ( age 6 and above)
Groups/ gyms/ solo runners / dog owners (dog owners will be set of at 10am))

Tickets are avalible through the zeusraces Facebook page just click the
  • Soooooooo the team  arrives tmrw for the preparations for ZEUS on Saturday , suppose I best get ready for work then😉
4 days to go and we have another little obstacle were building for you, ssshhh it's a secret.
  • The ZEUS boys are on there way home after smashing up the world championships in Canada, safe flight boys see you at ZEUS on Saturday 💪
  • *5 DAYS TO GO*
  • Not long now.......
  • Great to see Zeus supporting the 20/20 challenge with the support vehicle, and Gavin and Shaun were lucky enough to meet up with Alfie today to present him with his new wheelchair with money raised through the challenge 
Top job Alfie!!
Zeus Zeus Zeus!
  • *Tickets are now live😊

  • We are delighted to announce that No Fear Energy Drink are this years sponsor of the No Fear Challenge.

On the 30th June at 3.20pm, 20 teams will compete for the prestigious No Fear Trophy. 

For you chance to compete, enter now at:
  • Aaaannd cut, that's a wrap😊

From us at zeus races we would like to thank each and everyone  of you that took part this weekend, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching & entertaining you all you were fantastic😚

The photos will be posted on the zeus races Facebook site within the next couple of days and of course as usual they are free 
(please bear with us we took alot of photos of you crazy lot)

Just the Halloween scare fest obstacle run left to plan for now for October 21
  • What colour will you be when you finish this weekend🤣🤣
  • * An exclusive of how resposible race organisers behave behind the scenes*
😂😂 wait for me he's like a big kid 😂
Saying that what colour are you going to be covered in in 7 days😂😂
  • The countdown has started just over a week to go, EXCITED to entertain you all🙃
  • The lads are on it, smash it up Dave Seviour Darren Leather in Europe this weekend for the European champs, ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS💪💪☇☇
  • We all know our resident pocket rocket Pedro, ZEUS are proud to welcome our newest elite runner Darren leather , both are qualified for the European champs in Holland this month 💪 go smash it up lads☇☇☇
  • It's all very technical at ZEUS hq this week designing new obstacles for 22 july ,as you can see state of the art machines are used no expense is spared😂
  • Woooooohooo under the 60 day Mark now😁
Once the tickets are gone there gone no more will be added, we do personal not overcrowding 😊
  • BOOOOOOOM and another team enters the circuit for the team event, welcome gym & tonic💪 we look forward to seeing you on the day, will the cup be yours this year? 
Got a team? Want to raise money for charity? Would like some team building? Or just for laughs with a few of your mates? 
Well here's the rules for the team event for ZEUS races , Ashby, le65 1sd in 22& 23 July.
  • Fancy a relaxing day out at a spa with a difference??

Our face packs are 100% organic.
Bask in our natural outdoor solarium. 
Refreshing cool skin tingling showers.
Facial muscles manipulated from ear to ear.
Taste bud tingling  beverages from the best barley & hops.
Day time & night time activities on pastures green.
Smoked home cooked al carte dinning.
Revive in a full body natural mud soak.
Rejuvenation and youthful well being enhanced.

Well kind of😉

There's going to be a whole lot of dirty stinking,laughing people lurking around Ashby le65 1sd on the 22& 23 of July
  • Looks like Team ZEUS had a busy 1 this weekend, loads of you taking part in rat race,climbing Snowdon for the no fear on wheels challange 20/20 to raise money for charity, half marathons,decorating your vehicles & naming your cat after ZEUS.

ANYONE can be part of team ZEUS no exclusions only inclusions.

Can't wait to see all of you at our event on 22&23 July ,ashby le65 1sd
congratulations Kate Grouse😘

Good morning everyone 😊

Any area of fitness is always supported by ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS and this is why we have taken the dissision to support and sponcer along side one of our Sponcers shredz fitness  Kate Grouse .
Kate is a cancer victim but that's not getting her down, mother of 2 and nanny kate teaches special needs farming students from the ages of 5-19.

At 44 kate has decided to compete in the toned figure category at the WANNA Hercules event on 30 April,NAC 7 may & PCA 14 may.
Despite battling cancer she will be putting her body through rigerous dieting/ toning and cardio processes.

Kate will also be entering  various teams for the
  • Sons of mudarky are taking this team wheelchair challange a bit serious I recon🤥
  • Booooooom boooom boooooom ,our own pocket rocket Pedro took second place at bog commander this weekend💪
The ZEUS girls & baby ZEUS were also flying the flag, someone got a little cheeky and the lads are smashing up the rings, well done all 😚
Team ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS ripping it up😊
  • Yes yes those of you that ordered the ZEUS shirts(68 of you) they should be with me on Thursday next week and I'll get them out asap.
Huge thank you to our Sponcers

shredz fitness

And the nutty ocr wrongens

special thanks to the railway for sorting out our big weekend bar, grill & entertainment.
  • *Zeusraces update*

There's going to be a whole lot of dirty stinking,laughing people lurking around Ashby le65 1sd on the 22& 23 of July


Dirty stinking mud, obstacles, climbs, swings, crawls, wades,up and overs it's yours for the taking.

Run as a familey, run on your own, run as a team, run for charity, run with your dog, well we say run, walk , crawl, skip through our obstacle course it's up to you we don't care how you do it.

Apart from that that's it well............... if you include:

Gladiator duel ( knock your mate of)  FREE
bouncy castles.                                       FREE
Unridable bike.                                         FREE
Mass water fight all for 1 and 1 for all FREE
Bar b q 
Outside bar
Face painting
Event village
Finishers medal 

22 July :
10 am No fear team Challange  £30 per team member (10 members per team)
1pm Day run £30 adult, £15 kids
7pm Dogstacle night run £25
9pm night ocr run £35 adult, £15 kids

23 July :
7am dogstacle run £25 ( run with your dog)
9am day run (free to all that took part in the no fear on wheels challange or £35)
Kids £15
Camping £10 per tent

  • Oiiiiiii you lot😉
  • Good morning everyone 😊

Any area of fitness is always supported by ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS and this is why we have taken the dissision to support and sponcer along side one of our Sponcers shredz fitness  Kate Grouse .
Kate is a cancer victim but that's not getting her down, mother of 2 and nanny kate teaches special needs farming students from the ages of 5-19.

At 44 kate has decided to compete in the toned figure category at the WANNA Hercules event on 30 April,NAC 7 may & PCA 14 may.
Despite battling cancer she will be putting her body through rigerous dieting/ toning and cardio processes.

Kate will also be entering  various teams for the
  • TEAM ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS  in full effect this weekend💪💪💪
  • Some of the nutters from Team ZEUS spotted around this weekend, well done guys💪
  • Well done to the girls from Team Zeus smashing it up this weekend and getting good times😊😊💪💪💪💪
  • Well done to our Dave Seviour taking first place at Diablo today, ZEUS ZEUS ZEUS💪💪
  • Booooommmmm there's our zeus girls, well done on your run this weekend girls😊😊
  • * The big weekend* 
( James bond theme this year)
  • WE WON🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍾🍾🍾

Thank you to everyone that voted for zeus races we are very grateful and we're glad that you enjoyed it😊 a HUGE thank you to our marshals your the best guys you really are & the rest of team zeus you've been amazing.
Our next events will be 22/ 23 July the big weekend and no fear Challange & 21 October zeus Halloween and a few other events inbetween😉 luv you all thank you😘😘😘😘
  • Our youngest team member born today Lewis Jordan seviour, mother and baby are doing well.😊😊😊😊😊😚
  • Team ZEUS rocking there shirts 😘
  • Some of team zeus taking on a race this weekend well done guys😊😊
Remember  team Zeus is all about inclusion never exclusion EVERYBODY is welcome
  • top shot by Mark Noble
  • Which 1 will you choose...

Zeus is coming this Saturday, ashby le65 1sd.

10 am race for all

1pm zeus canniecross  ( dog owners)

3pm dogstacle ( dog owners , tickets only avaliable on the day )

8pm strap on your head torch for the zombie chase not for the faint hearted.

Last few tickets remaining, see you soon
#zombiechase #zeus #instafit #instafitness #mud #muddyfun #canicross #dogstacle #frightfest #clown #ocrfamily #obstaclecourseracing #dog
  • Just 5 Days to go...

#zeusraces #zombiechase #obstaclecourseracing #ocr #ocrfamily #halloween #muddyfun #mudrun #canicross #instafitness #instafit #familyday #fitness #fitnessmotivation
  • Sssshhhhhhh it's a secret........

#teamzeus #muddyfun #mud #obstaclecourseracing #obstaclerace #noexclusions #ocr #ocrfamily #fitness #instafit #instafitness #motivation
  • It's nearly  time to release the pooches 

Are you going to be leading them or them leading you?

October 29 canicross & dogstacle, Ashby. 

Give them a day out they will enjoy😊

Dogstacle is also available to join on facebook

#zeusraces #canicross #dog #dogstagram #dogstacle #pet #muddyfun #ocr #fitness #dogrun
  • Great to see TEAM ZEUS out there this weekend rocking the zeus kit.

Congratulations to Gary hodges competing in the ocr world champs in Canada & chantel brown / zoe oldroyd  shaking there stuff this weekend.

#teamzeus #fitness #ocr #muddyfun #obstaclecourseracing #obstaclerace #mud #ocrfamily
  • We know there coming are you??

10 am- day run out for all with fancy dress optional,

1pm- zeus canicross ( dog owners)

3pm- Dogstacle  ( dog owners)

8pm- zombie chase.

There WILL be screams.
It WILL be dark.
They WILL be hidding.
It WILL see you before you see it

#zombie #zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #obstaclerace #obstaclecourse #obstaclerun
#ocr #muddyfun #zombiechase #scarefest #familyday #fitness
  • Wooooohoooooo it's Monday, work it baby work it😊

#zeusraces #instadaily #mondaymotivation #instafit #motivation #obstaclecourseracing #runner #joggers #trailrun #ocr
  • That team zeus is every were.

No exclusions EVERYONE'S  invited.

Join us for Halloween October 29, Ashby. 

10 am- day run out for all with fancy dress optional, come on get into the spirit)

1pm- zeus canicross ( dog owners)

3pm- Dogstacle  ( dog owners)

8pm- zombie chase,NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

We are nearly at our ticket limit once they are gone there gone no added tickets will be sold don't leave it till the last minute.

#teamzeus #obstaclecourseracing
#muddyfun #funforall #scarefest
 #halloween #clowns #zombiechase #canicross #dogstagram #dogstacle
  • Racccccccceeee day😉

Here at zeus our main concentration is familey, fun and team work.

As part of team zeus we do also have an elite team ( they are very much still part of our family team and run with the rest of the team)  these individuals go out with the intention of tearing courses to pieces and looking for the top spots.

  • Happy Friday 😊

It's time to remember to wash your running kit ready for the weekend.

It's that kit you left in your bag from the last run and you need it for tomorrow 😅😅

#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing
#ocrfamily #ocr #ocrchampionship #fitness #instadaily #instafit #runner #muddyfun #obstacles #canicross #dogs #dogstagram #exercise
  • Good morning😊

A smile says it all.

Team zeus is all about inclusion never exclusion everybody is welcome, one big happy muddy slightly crazy supportive familey

October 29 halloween fancy dress obstacle run ,everyone invited .

#zeusraces #familyfun #familyday #fancydress #obstaclecourseracing #ocrfamily #ocr #muddyfun #mud #halloween #instadaily #instafit #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #getthefamilyinvolved
  • You know there out there, we certainly know there out there.
Alone in the dark, in the mud,in the forest you know what's coming.

Day race fun & fancy dress, night race..........well that's a different story.

#zeusraces #zombiechase #scarefest 
#ocr #obstaclecourseracing #aloneintheforest #instadaily #instafit #scared #werwolf #muddyfun
  • That's it we've made it to Friday.
Please form an orderly que  so that we can leave the building and go play in the mud.

Have a fantastic weekend, be safe, race well & enjoy your mud.

#zeusraces #muddyfun #obstaclecourseracing #ocrfamily #ocr #instafit #motivation #runner #runforcharity #fitnessmotivation #
  • Behold the skull trophy.

Awarded at Zeus races  29 October for the most outstanding fancy dress outfit on the day/ night.

The day run at 10 am sees us kicking of the halloween monsters ball.

Followed by the night zombie chase.

The night race is NOT for the easily scared we will go out of our way to 

A / make you nervous & scared 
B / be hiding in the forest waiting for you
C / be watching your every move through red eyes whilst stealthy stalking you.

And all this whilst you complete our course in the dark,in the mud & scared

#zeusraces #zombierun #halloween #zombies #fancydress #scarefest #fitness #ocr #obstaclecourseracing #getoutofyourcompfortzone #instadaily #family #fitnessmotivation #instafit
  • Seeing as ChantelleTurney seems to be a bit nervous on the chat could all zeus marshall please keep an eye out for her to make sure that she is mmmmmmm looked after on the day of the zombie chase😂 I'll have a look later to see if anyone else tagged in or comments needs special attention, we're watching you................
  • Our Halloween race is coming
  • Monday......

The first day of bragging rights, you've earned it.

#zeusraces #zeusfamily #mud #ocr #ocrfamily #canicross #instafit #instadaily #trailrun #charityevents #obstaclecourseracing #muddyfun
  • Welcome to the family
  • Congratulations to team zeus tonight taking 1st,2nd,& 3rd on the 5k & 1st on the 10k at twilight.

It makes no difference weather your 1st or last we will support all the way.
One big family, pop over to Facebook and give us a like and join the family.

No exclusions every body is family.

#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #ocr #muddyfun #family #canicross #instadaily #muddyfun #mud #fitness #ocrfamily
  • OK bring on the weekend I'm ready for you......

#zeusraces #teamzeuseveryoneisfamiley #teamzeus #ocr #obstaclecourseracing #mud #canicross #runforcharity #instadaily #fitness #fitnessmotivation #runner
  • You don't have to be related by blood to be family ❤


#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #ocr #muddyfun #mud #instadaily #canicross #fitnessmotivation #fitness #halloween #runner #runforcharity
  • All i want to do is just dance,dance,dance

#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #muddyfun #mud #instadaily #fitnessmotivation #fitness #canicross #charity #runforcharity
  • Its the little things that can make you smile.............and mud,lots of mud

#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #mud #ocr #muddyfun #instadaily #canicross
  • Loveing each other, loving life, loving the mud,loving that monday feeling.

#zeusraces #fitness #fitnessmotivation #obstaclecourseracing #onelove #mud#runner #running #zeus #instadaily #trailrun #canicross #dogstagram #dogstacle #mondaymotivation
  • Youve seen the first video made by zeus and sponcered by the ocr familey

Now it looks like the rematch😂

If you would like to get involved head over to zeus races facebook page and put your name down, after all what have you got to loose apart from your dignity😂😂

#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #mud #ocr #instadaily #fitness #funforall #getinvolved #runner #trailrun #canicross #dogstagram #dogstacle
  • The new racing tops have been designed
Zeus logo high up so your race number has its own place.
Your name printed on the top followed by
  • *******Free lifetime racing competition *****

This month sees the launch of our
  • Zeus races zombie chase October 29
Ashby le65 1sd

10am familey and normal runners 
1pm canicross
3pm dogstacle
6pm canicross night run


An obstacle course run in the dark in the mud while being hunted.......

Can you run?? Because they can
Can you scream? Youll soon know
Can you hide? They will find you

Our course has a large forest section are you rely going in there???? 

#zombie #zombies #scared
#scarefest #zeusraces
#canicross #dogstagram #dogstacle #ocr #mud #obstaclecourseracing #instadaily #monster
  • You aint gonna see them coming but they sure will see you...........

October 29, le65 1sd 8pm bring your courage

  • Its all about inclusion not exclusion
Zeus 2016

Zombie chase night run October 29 your all getting it.😂

Some were on that course theres a deep dark section with one of these laying in wait.....

Be careful who you tag in this post as we may have to pick on 1 individual / group to give them a touch more of the experiance if you know what we mean.😣
#zeusraces #zombierun
  • Weve got a little place for you to visit on october 29 halloween😂

Kids and famileys day run (fancy dress ),cannicross afternoon.
The night run only for the brave, by now you know what were like now lets see what your made of???
  • After an amazing day at Mud 7 and to say thankyou to everyone we have put on a seven day limited discount for ANY Zeus race in the south ( not halloween)
Use code: Mud7 and save £10 off any ticket

Also valid for the Zeus trail run in East Grinstead on September 25th!

We hope to see you there!
  • Congratulations to everyone who took part in mud 7 yesterday, and a huge well done to team Zeus runner Dave Seviour who came in 3rd!!
Fantastic effort everyone, well done x
  • We had a blast at Mud 7 and we hope you did too!
We would like to say thank you to every single runner for helping to make it so memorable and a special thank you to everyone in team Zeus who went to so much effort to help make your day special
This group of people demonstrated exactly what Zeus believes the OCR spirit looks like and we are so proud of every one of them
Thank you guys xx
We hope to see you all again at either our trail run in East Grinstead in September or the Halloween runs on October 29th in Ashby
  • Why is it that as soon as you find some dirty stinking water filled thick with mud cesspit that you just have to throw a net over it for people to crawl under😂😂😂 dont figure.
  • Sooooo zeus starts there build for mud7 tmrw, now lets see what we can offer😉😉😉

#zeusraces #mudnificent7  #ocr #letsbuild #mud #obstaclecourseracing  #letshavesomefun #fitness
  • We can't wait to see you all this coming weekend at mud 7!
We promise to have lots of fun as usual and we are very pleased to have OCR bears as our very special guests, so bring some tops to the swap tent and get you favourite one booked in to be bearified 😄
  • *********Competition time*********
Tag in 5 friends who love obstacle course racing, trail running or canicross and you could win free entry to all of them!
  • Tonight will see the launch of the OCR golden ticket 2017 where you can win free racing at all the events shown and more who are joining in and very kindly donating prizes along with merchandise

To enter is £5, all of which goes to a charity as decided by the UKOCR group and will be drawn just before Christmas 

Entry will open in one weeks time

We are proud to be a part of this and hope that with the amazing help from all the other race directors we can make a real difference to charity

Please tag and share this and keep your eyes peeled for more information including a full list of the 20 race entries, magazine subscriptions and merchandise 

Together we can make a difference
  • We are so pleased we were able to give to a number of different charities from the weekend raising over £1400! and our pledge is to continue to support charities at every event we do
  • ********* Lifetime free Racing *************

How would you like to win FREE entry to EVERY Zeus race for  the rest of your life? Between 3 and 5 races per year, Canicross, No fear Challenge, and many more

You will also be given a Zeus races or Dogstacle tech t shirt to sport at all our events

Our next event on October 29th has a 10am wave, a 1pm Canicross, and followed at 6:30pm by the Zombie chase.
With each race just £35 per adult and £15 per child, its the price that OCR running should be

All you have to do is tag in 5 people to this post AND share on your timeline.

Entry closes on July 31st, one entry per person, good luck

Gavin and Mark
  • Zeus halloween race 29 October.

10am fancy dress race
1pm Canicross
18.30 Zeus zombie race (NOT recomended for the easiley scared😂)

Its not the clowns id be worried about😲

Ticket sales are now open
#zeusraces #zeushalloween #zombierun
  • On October 29th our muddy hugs will have a whole new feel

10am 7km
1pm Canicross OCR
6:30pm Zeus race zombie chase

See you there................. If you dare

Go to eventbrite for booking, or for more information
  • Presenting the
  • Do you love running with your dog?
Welcome to Dogstacle course running
  • Win free Canicross racing this year!

The original and pioneers of OCR Canicross
The best and only  place to have a fun day with your four legged friend 
There are places still available on June 18th at 10pm for our night time Canicross OCR
Booking is also open for October 29th Canicross OCR on eventbrite

Tag and share this post to be in with a chance of winning on bank holiday Monday
  • Competition Winner Alan Mistry looking great in his new tech shirt!
Will you win this week?
Remember June 18th and 19th is our big weekend
Online booking closes June 12th for All races, but a limited number of tickets will be available on the day £60 adult and £25 Child

Online booking for No Fear challenge closes 5th June and there is no entry on the day!!
  • Zeus races big weekend!

Just over a month to go!
Are you coming?

There is still time to enter
Go to Eventbrite or

#nofearchallenge #breakingdownbarriers #medalporn #canicrossocr
  • Want to get muddy and take part in a 7km obstacle course race for the whole family?
Tickets are just £45 per adult and £20 per child
Tickets are limited for the runs listed below so book on early
  • On June 18th and 19th We have an event village with a number of suppliers, vendors and other race directors
If you want to be a part of it please PM Gavin Levitt
Remember there are 5 races in total including camping over the weekend, so a great place to showcase your business or Race
All stands to other races are free as we believe in promoting ALL OCR!
  • Behold mortals the new zeus top avalable from runflex tmrw
#zeusraces #obstaclecourseracing #muddyrun #runflex
  • Team no fear showing what a team really is at reaper yesterday.Best get training HARD if you want to compete against them for charity at zeusraces 18 june.Bring your game, Bring your smile its time to get muddy
#zeusraces #charityevent #doitforfun #teams #obstaclecourseracing #inittowinit #nofear #famileyevent #thebigweekend
  • Single entrants wishing to take part please pm mark noble to be placed into a team.

We have only 4 weeks left before the individual limited edition
  • *****free child racing******

Good morning everyone
Today we have a one off special
ALL kids races FREE with one paying adult for our June 18th weekend full of races
This is valid for this week only, so make sure everyone who needs to know knows

If you want to take part in this
  • Check out this new glow in the dark medal for zeus races night race on the 18 june glows in the dark,if you turn the lights of in your room now it will actualy glow of your phone #obstaclecourseracing #zeusraces #medals #running
  • #muddykids #obstaclecourseracing #zeusraces
  • #ocrracing #muddyrun #zeusraces #ocrheaven
  • ********ATTENTION!!!!!*******
The No Fear Challenge trophy has been kidnapped!
Help us to track down the dastardly devil's who have done this and you may win a prize!
Tag in 10 people who should be in a team for the No fear Challenge on 18th June and we will pick a name at random to win a personalised Zeus medal hanger, AND a free race pass of your choice
Winner will be announced on Saturday 9th April
If you want to be a part of this amazing challenge, get a team together, customise your wheelchair, and get registered now as there are only 17 team places left
  • With the No fear challenge fast approaching, you need to get your team registered!
18th June from 1pm £250 per team
10 people per team, 1 wheelchair, 300 participants, 1 amazing trophy and 1 superb charity
Come and join the fun
  • For a weekend full of mud, smiles, teamwork, camping, four legged fun, and of course a pub on wheels, get booking now for June 18th and 19th full weekend pass for only £105 which includes the 2 day races, the night OCR, and camping!
  • Did you find the tyre legends challenge too easy?
What do you think?
  • Guess what we have been doing today!?
  • Do you remember why you started?
We do!
  • This is it!
The fully marked course is ready to run!
  • We are very excited to see you all!
Not many places left! 24 to be precise!
  • Meet our newest team to take the No fear challenge!
Are you in a team yet? Dont miss out, get registered today!
Limited team places left!
This is a world first team with a customised wheelchair obstacle course race
Have you got what it takes?