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Saturday 21 October





Family & single runners
Spooky Spectacular
(fancy dress)

Adult £30
Child £15

Make your way round our muddy obstacle course in spooky fancy dress,play trick or treat on our team members and other runners.Will you get them first before they get you?
No extreme scares on this run just the occasional light jumps and tricks 🙂

Medal for EVERYONE




Halloween Dastardly Dogs Trail Run
(run with your dog, “Dogstacle”)

Grab your woofer and let’s pound them paws, you and your canine buddy will take on natural wades hills dips and dunks both dressed up in fancy dress the only question is who will be pulling who at the end of the course?


Medal for EVERYONE




zombie chase (not for the faint hearted)
Adults only


Hahaha, grab a spare pair of pants and let’s get this zombie chase started!

This run is the ultimate, jump out of your skin run, making your way round the obstacle course.

Who, When, Where or What will you encounter on your travels this year?

Clowns? Werewolves? Headless Zombies? Everything is hiding out there to have a little nibble!

Will you make the end or will we have to phone your mum to pick you up?

Oh wait…. there’s no phones out there in the forest! looks like you’ll be stuck with us 😉



Medal for EVERYONE and toilet roll!!



As it’s the monsters ball, it wouldn’t be complete without a live DJ playing the monster mash and doing the time warp in the after run party.Throw in bouncy castles, gladiator duel, barbecue, a bar, BONFIRE, monster face painting, marshmallow toasting and a few tricks and pranks; and there you have it!



Check out some of last year’s Halloween pics of the dressing up in our Facebook Gallery.


For tickets follow the link and as always there are only a limited amount available as we work on a personal basis to give you the ultimate experience.